Moving your wedding date during lock down

Hi there

I’m Linda the owner of Oh So Pretty Planning. 
I hope that you are all doing well and staying positive during this hopefully never to be relived time.
Currently it is uncertain as to when we will be allowed to host weddings again and many of you are now needing to move your wedding date. So we thought we’d make things a little easier for you by giving you guidance as to how to move your wedding date.
According to SA Tourism’s risk adjustment strategy draft we may only open up our borders for international flights in February 2021 so with this in mind, just to be safe we would recommend your wedding be booked for the second half of 2021 or later. You could try keep your wedding date and make it exactly one year ahead.
If your guest list comprises only of local friends and family then it may be possible to have your wedding still in 2020 but again it does depend n when the government relaxes the rules.
Once you have decided on when you would like to move your wedding to then contact your venue and find out what dates they have available. Provide them with a few month  options and specify if you want weekends o
only or if you are open to weekdays as well.
We have compiled an easy to use template for you titled Date Postponement Template . Just fill in the months you would prefer and send this off to your venue. Once you have their reply forward this sheet on to all your vendors and ask for their availability. We have included some text for your email to the vendors just to help you along. 
We recommend you keep a main copy of this sheet then copy and paste each suppliers replies onto your main sheet. Once you have received replies from all your vendors you will be able to see which are the best date options so that you avoid incurring any financial losses.
Once you have decided on a new date then notify all the suppliers confirming the date change. Once you have done this then it’s time to let your guests know. 
The most cost-effective way to send out a postponement notification is to go electronically. If you sent out your invitations this way you can use the same platform to send out a modified invitation or create a slightly different one. If you sent out physical invitations and want to send out the new date digitally you can try either Paperless Post or Evites
We hope that this will at least make the process of moving your wedding date a little easier. You can find this presentation along with links on our website under our blog articles.
Remember to stay positive. You will have your wedding soon enough and it will be amazing!
If you would like any advice or assistance, please send us an email to