Wanita & Anita

When we first met Wanita she was incredibly distraught after having her initial wedding venue cancel on her. With the wedding invitations already sent out time was of the essence. Horrified at reading the story online we contacted her and offered to help plan and coordinate their wedding for free. No sooner had we started planning when disaster struck yet again with the second venue they selected burning down in a freak fire.

After some research we recommended Welbeloond which is a little venue hidden away in Durbanville. Wanita was over the moon as this was a fit better than the previous two venues. Welbeloond is a great alternative to hosting your wedding all the way out in the Winelands. The venue hosts a chapel, gardens and on site accommodation so the bride can walk to the ceremony and easily change outfits should she need to later in the evening.

welbeloond on cape town wedding planner

Wanita and Anita’s bridal party were the most amazing group of women we have encountered. Not afraid to roll up their sleeves,  they were not only there for every site visit but were also there to help set up the day before the wedding and on the day of the wedding they were up in ladders hanging decor in the trees and building arch ways like pros.

Anita&Wanita on Cape Town Wedding planner Oh So Pretty Wedding Planning

All of the decor was hand made by the brides including personalised wooden under plates which doubled as additional gifts for their guests.

anita and wanita on cape town wedding planner oh so pretty wedding planningTheir cake / cup cake tower was gifted to them by a close friend and was perfectly done in the wedding colour selected by Wanita.

wanita and anita on cape town wedding planner oh so pretty planningSee their wedding photos here.

Wedding Date: 4 March 2016

Photographer: LA Photography